devil's strings | stiles stilinski  [03]

devil's strings | stiles stilinski [03]

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[Book three]


❝Take a bite off my heart tonight.❞

The clock ticked, time slipped with every kiss that she pressed against his cheeks. Time was not on her side, with a new threat around the corner, it was all she needed - and all she lacked.
Cause, for one to rival time, they must be twisted as the seconds itself. Destructive as the minutes themselves, and lonely like the hours that wept.
She was all that; twisted, desteuctive, on her path to loneliness as she lost everything.
But, she did not know, meddling with clocks never ended with a happily ever after.

❝Say goodbye to my heart tonight❞

[Teen wolf]
[Season 05]
[Stiles Stilinski]
[Copyrights © 2017 Darsha]

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This makes me just want to keep a box of tissues it's me for the sad and happy moments that make me cry. Especially with senior year