Arranged Marriage - Jinkook

Arranged Marriage - Jinkook

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Jin has always been open to the idea of arranged marriage and, being bisexual, he didn't mind what gender they would be even though he was certain that his parents would pick a girl. But maybe he thought wrong... 

"You found me someone to marry...who's a boy?!" 

this story's hashtag: #misgenderingiswrong
---very short story of 7 chapters, for if you want a story with fluffiosity, though it's not an original concept, this story was extremely thought up by moi in my incredibly odd mind 
-I don't own BTS, or I'd be extremely rich and I'd own a million golden violins

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WolfBriar WolfBriar Mar 24, 2018
Is it bad that once I started typing my phone automatically autocorrected to that? God my life is sad.
MrsKim_Joonie MrsKim_Joonie Jun 01, 2018
But you have a photo where Namjoon's head on ur laps.. So calm down babe😉
Bunny_Qai Bunny_Qai May 02, 2018
Me trying to drive back home after sending my aunt to a bus stop that is like a 10 minutes drive away from home 😂 
                              P.S. I just got my license so it makes things a lot worse 😂😂
taelentedkookie taelentedkookie Feb 12, 2018
Yoonmin is not what I expected him to be like in this story... thank you for the change authornim
                              🤣🤣Jin's Infamous Kisses
                              How can you not remember where your own home is! NO MATTER AFTER HOW LONG YOUR GOING BACK HOME, you can't forget 😣😣
_parkbell_ _parkbell_ Feb 23, 2018
I wander a lot, so this is relatable
                              Seriously, we went to a museum for a school trip and I found myself on the other side of the museum so I had to find my way back to the entrance lmao
lala123498 lala123498 Feb 16, 2018
                              Any Terrytv fans?
                              Just me
                              Okay 😂