Holding On To Happy | ✔

Holding On To Happy | ✔

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If time machines existed, Mia Perkins wouldn't hesitate to hop into one and go back to last January when everything in her life was perfect. She'd go back to a time where her parents were still happily married and her three best friends didn't hate her. Unfortunately, that's impossible to do and she now has to live in her new reality of a broken home and ruined friendships. 
       Desperate to get even a little bit of her old life back, she tries everything in her power to get back into her friends good graces. Even if that means letting them treat her like crap. A treatment Mia feels she deserves after what she did to them. She holds tightly to the hope that one day they will forgive her, after all the four of them were practically like sisters.
       Mia's need to get back her old life seems to slowly fade away due to Calvin Benton, her new neighbor. After Mia's and Calvin's moms decided that the two of them should walk to school together Mia finds herself spending more and more time with her mysterious loner neighbor. 
       Stuck in the past, Mia starts to feel like she'll never get back the happiness she once had, but Calvin shows her that a change in direction isn't always that bad.


This is an unedited first drive and my first book, so it's kind of terrible.

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