The First Moon Child (Second Installment of the Marley Series)

The First Moon Child (Second Installment of the Marley Series)

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Prisoner in Malfoy Manor? Check. Missing Fred and Clary? Check. Find out I'm the First Moon Child? Yup, got that too.

 In this installment of the Marley series, Marley is a prisoner in the Malfoy Manor where she undiscovers a few things about herself and her past. Things are not always what they appear to be. Follow Marley as she tries to get back to Fred and Clary, but not without meeting a few new friends along the way. However, Marley will soon learn that everything comes with a price.

This is the second installment of the Marley series, better read the first one if you haven't otherwise you'll be confused! Also this book formerly was named "The Crescent Moon and the Blazing Sun".

honorarybox honorarybox Jul 02
Why do I feel like this is something that would happen with our group? @sunnysunshine77
This nigga boi dont even play who sign they name 'the dark lord'
Trussell715 Trussell715 Aug 26
Today my friend was wearing sparkly make-up so I called her Edward Cullen all day. She got so mad at me.
This is probably…scratch that, defiantly absolute proof that Voldermort is the worst person in the world
- - Nov 17, 2015
Tbh those twilight books just needed a bit of cleaning up. 
                              With a mop.
                              And a hurricane cleanup crew.
- - Nov 17, 2015
Lmao imagine marley just raising her hand up at him and him just shifting into Voldemort's shape omg i crack myself up