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N.A.Carson --Varzanic By IntroSpectic Completed

Pain is all Alex has ever known, and he’s convinced that he deserves it.

Taken from his people as a child, Alex was trained by Sir a humans to become a hunter and spends his days gathering Kiya to work in the human’s factories. His only knowledge of the outside world comes from the stories he hears from the others Haydean.

But when an opportunity to escape the Tower presents itself, Alex takes it. 

--This is complete just uploading as I edit chapters.

Shinjimasu Shinjimasu Jun 23
I will explode. I swear to God, this guy is bleeding.
                              Geez =_=
Wow, dark stuff right off the bat. I find that when I'm writing something horrible the use of just a little bit of kindness works beautifully to accentuate both. Jacob and his sister are a great example.
The "d" in hybrid isn't italicised.... Just fought I'd let you know.
heavny9420 heavny9420 Jun 13
Very Good so far. Though I feel bad for Jacob, wanting to help Alex. Sir most be to much for him and he does seem dangerous.
Yeah, I am just bleeding over here, I am on my period ya know?
Shinjimasu Shinjimasu Jun 23
Okay, sir, if you would kindly enter the asylum, we all would appreciate it.