I believe in you - Sherlock Fanfiction.

I believe in you - Sherlock Fanfiction.

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[Sherlock x Female OC] 

The thing is, there is an empty, gaping hole at the base of John's throat where his overwhelming guilt and periodic bouts of torturous grief used to be. It would be so easy to... to be angry and punch a hole through the wall, through the foam of his pillow -- drive his fist through Sherlock's heart. But he remembers; in the most tragic and inopportune of fashion, remembers how angry he had been when Sherlock had jumped, how furious he had been at his funeral, and how it hadn't stopped him from breaking down at his grave nonetheless.

The thing about his anger is this: it does nothing but leave him behind in the end, a bundle of nerves and frailty in his bones and an unsteady sway to his gait. It does nothing at all, but reduce marginally the constant, suffocating oppressiveness of his days bleeding into one another with a burst of adrenaline.

The thing about his anger is this: it doesn't give him back Sherlock.

So he gets a new flatmate- a woman named Holland. They were great friends at school and in fear he would be lonely again after Sherlock died he started to meet up with her, and soon, she moved in with him. They're just friends, though. No one could have a bond with John like Sherlock did. Sherlock was his best friend.

But then Sherlock returns, and John is more furious than ever at him. Also, Sherlock and Holland seem to bond quite well, which is something Sherlock finds too complicated to explain itself.

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CheshireHatter666 CheshireHatter666 Mar 26, 2017
I disagree I love your writing and this stories plot for this is my second time reading it. And I shall read your other works once I finish this one. You are very talented
MercurysMustache MercurysMustache Jul 25, 2017
Well to tare is to set a scale to 0 so i mean if he has 0 shits to give anymore maybe tare worls
221Bdreams 221Bdreams Jan 16, 2017
i have a new sherlock book for people who are sad abt the end pf series 4 !
RCD1st RCD1st Feb 04, 2017
Woah, go buy the milk?  That's a big step for you, Sherly, are you sure?
tyylerjoseph tyylerjoseph Sep 14, 2016
well maybe because she's johns fuçking sister you could take his surname dumbašs
AsceticLily AsceticLily Jan 23, 2017
*claps slowly* way to break the ice Sherly (that totally would have been me thou)