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Gamer Girl Problems

Gamer Girl Problems

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вυввℓу By BubblyPenguin Completed


[ P A R T ❄ 1 ]
If there's one thing Bridget Jenkins can't stand, it'd be the overly sexist views that guys seem to hold nowadays towards female gamers. To Bridget, it seems like she can't do anything videogame-related without having some guy criticize her for not doing something people would normally consider "appropriate" for females. So, determined to leave behind those overly sexist thoughts and to somehow prove to them that, yes, girls can also do "guy" things, Bridget signs up for the Call of Duty State Championships-and immediately finds out that she is the only female.

While being the only female in a male-infested competition can have its perks, there can also be its disadvantages-be it perverts or awestruck-males, or even arrogant douchebags like Brayden Coleman, who currently holds a winning streak in the Call of Duty State Championships.

As much as Bridget tries to ignore his presence, she can't, because, well, he's almost everywhere (like literally). The two don't hit it off well, either, and even goes so far as to declaring each other nemeses; but there may be more to that arrogant façade of his than he's willing to show...

And what happens when Brayden and Bridget learn that a win to the COD State Championships can lead to an invitation to the COD National Championships in LA?

Now throw in an achingly hot coworker, a few jaw-dropping realizations, two crazy best friends, and girl problems, and what do you get?

Gamer girl problems.

[ P A R T ❀ 2 ]
❝Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.❞
~ Winston Churchill (Call of Duty 2)


NOTE: Book contains strong language and [PG] sexual content. 
~ Contains Parts 1 and 2 ~

Copyright © 2013 BubblyPenguin

xvanessarx xvanessarx Jan 20
A pûssy can have a baby come out of it but one tap on your balls you go down like a little bîtch stfu
Empress_Corinne Empress_Corinne Sep 15, 2016
I'm the same as you! When I say to someone that I play COD or Minecraft or something they just give me this "look" and I'm just like "Come at me bruh!!!"
Catastrophic-Lullaby Catastrophic-Lullaby Sep 10, 2016
Id love to use this storyline. of course im going to change it drastically....  but i was just informing you i might use this as a tree branch for my topuc
xvanessarx xvanessarx Jan 20
Yes! At work I tell my guy friends I play video games and they are like that's so fuûcking cool. Damn it must be rare
mackanzieFalls mackanzieFalls Nov 20, 2016
I've never met anyone like that. I guess it's different in America ?
mackanzieFalls mackanzieFalls Nov 20, 2016
My game has always been cod and gta hands down. My brother taught me how to play