Party of Three | A Poly Romance

Party of Three | A Poly Romance

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Amy N. Johnson By CameoLover93 Updated Mar 01

Nichole Richards, founder and owner of The Sweet Spot, is currently living her best life. 

She's single and mingling, has an amazing group of friends, and she also runs a flourishing bakery business that everyone in town loves. Nichole is truly living her dream life. All is well and good... until she finds out that someone from her past recently got released early from prison. 

In the span of a few short weeks, Nichole's entire life is flipped upside down. And it's not because she finds herself falling for two very handsome men, her heart wanting both of them instead of just one, but rather, it's because of that someone from her past- a very dangerous someone.

Will Nichole's new lovers be able to protect her from harm? Or will Nichole have to face and defeat the demons from her past all by herself?

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