four bullets [TomTord]

four bullets [TomTord]

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there's a murderer in town 👀👀
and this murderer, fires exactly four bullets during this timeline of events (hence the title).

On a night where all four boys are trying to stay safe from the attacks, Tom is sent to a bar to go fetch a drunk Tord, but things go slightly downhill from there.
((The introduction has the important introduction stuff tbh))

note; the chapter names are 1 - 5 in French for anyone who doesn't know.

[AU Situation; the same old same old; tord didn't ever leave, and the boys live at separate flats. | TW for swearing, death threats, suicide, and gun violence. ]

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myew42 myew42 Mar 05
I love how as soon as edds said he wasn't joking Tom just gave up trying to convince him he was, he was just kinda like "well at least I tried once I might as well tell the truth as he's never gonna believe me"
Im re-reading this story, and i cant help but laugh at the clulessness of the comments.
But but Tord Tord what what were were you you doing doing in in the the alley alley!!??
Ok imagine that the safety mode turn and tord put then gun in his back pocket  and boom
BlueFather BlueFather Sep 06
I mean heres a actual representation of what i'd do to half the kids at my school.
Im screaming like a psycopath and my cousin is just looking at me like im insane XD