four bullets [TomTord]

four bullets [TomTord]

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there's a murderer in town 👀👀
and this murderer, fires exactly four bullets during this timeline of events (hence the title).

On a night where all four boys are trying to stay safe from the attacks, Tom is sent to a bar to go fetch a drunk Tord, but things go slightly downhill from there.
((The introduction has the important introduction stuff tbh))

note; the chapter names are 1 - 5 in French for anyone who doesn't know.

[AU Situation; the same old same old; tord didn't ever leave, and the boys live at separate flats. | TW for swearing, death threats, suicide, and gun violence. ]

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Zagitariuz Zagitariuz Aug 06, 2017
I would say this in an actual conversation with EnanaRisosDeOro
Out-of-Body Out-of-Body Jan 13
I was listening to "Feel it Still" and then when Tord said that, the singer was like "OOOOOOO"
Im_lemon_human Im_lemon_human Aug 29, 2017
When you have a good chance to go back on getting killed.  
                              I killed your sister
                              No you didnt
                              *breaks a cold sweat* nope I didn't.
ignoremenowplz ignoremenowplz Aug 05, 2017
Yep and now we shall fetch a drunken Tord 。◕‿‿◕。
CatzTakeOver CatzTakeOver Jun 22, 2017
Yes there is
                              And he says something that sends chills down there spine.....
                              HELLO AND WELCOME TO CHILI'S!!!!
A_Trashcan_ A_Trashcan_ Dec 30, 2017
And why might he have those with him if he intended to kill Tom?