The Boy in the Woods (Watty's 2014 Winner!)

The Boy in the Woods (Watty's 2014 Winner!)

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Katherine A. Ganzel By KatherineArlene Completed

A mysterious and poignant coming of age story with the same classic feel as A Little Princess and The Secret Garden.

A Wattys 2014 Talk of the Town Award winner and now a Wattpad Featured story!

In 1958, a tragic accident steals away Jess's parents - and everything else she's ever known.  With a cold and controlling uncle the only family she has left, she's taken far from her home in the big city.  Brought to live on the rural family estate with her equally distant older cousin, she struggles to adjust to a new life of loneliness and quiet isolation.  

While exploring the woods surrounding her home, she stumbles upon a mysterious boy.  Desperate for a friend, she's instantly drawn to him, but he's deeply distrustful and wants nothing to do with her.  Sneaking off to see him, she works hard to break through his walls and slowly gains his trust.  

But as their bond grows from friendship into something more, so does the danger they'll be caught.  How far will Jess have to go to protect the boy she's fallen in love with?  Or will her her uncle find out before she can escape his control? 

By the same author as Wattys finalists Stolen Hearts and Love You Forever!

Best Ranking:
Historical Fiction #1
General Fiction #3

Warning:  This story contains occasional language and mild violence.

Cover by @MayTijssen

                              Rereading this 
                              The first time round had me crying and laughing and rolling around on the floor and rocking back and forth in a fetal position 
                              Can't wait to do it again 
                              LOVE THIS SO MUCH
                              THANK YOU AUTHOR
Hobrien4Lyf Hobrien4Lyf Sep 29
Hello :)
                              I remember the first time i read thîs story! Goodness, couldn't put it down. Now i'm reading it again, Yay me!! x
AksiAky AksiAky 3 days ago
I'm 2nd time reading. After I finished this book I had been trying to find other books like this but I couldn't because this one is so good.
This is like my 5th time reading this book, I love it sooo much!
I loved those book, Frances Hodson Burnett was my favourite when I was a kid
This story really helped me learn to write it's a truely amazing book, You should try publish it