I Know What You Need

I Know What You Need

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Amber, Yuri, Jessica, Krystal


Amber is a new student in an all girls school with her best friend Yuri.  They have just moved from Japan to Korea because, their parents company transferred to Korea.  They go to school in the day and work at the office at night.  Their parents told them that they would have to get an arranged marriege with the heirs of the Jung Family.  What happens when their first meetings are far from indications of love?


Amber Liu

17 years old

The heir to Liu Corp

Can steal girl hearts with a smile

Often mistaken as a boy

Best friends with Kwon Yuri

Kwon Yuri

18 years old

Best Friends with Amber

Heir to Kwon Corp

Attracts girls with her sexyness

 Jessica Jung

18 Years old

Heir to Jung Corp

Family has the biggest company

Sister of Krystal Jung

Best Friend Tiffany

Ice Princess #1


  • jessica
  • kryber
  • snsd
  • yulsic
  • yuri
KimGeezSho KimGeezSho Jul 06, 2017
Why did I imagine Suzy to literally pop out from under someone's legs
chrs_16 chrs_16 Jul 19, 2014
If you don't reply, i will translate it. Sorry, i think this's good fic
chrs_16 chrs_16 Jul 18, 2014
Heyy Author, Can I Translate This fic?? And Update VietNamese??