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Safe from the cold (Soma)

Safe from the cold (Soma)

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kawaii_senpai_ By kawaii_senpai_ Completed

Maka and Soul stuck in the cold who will save them? A soma fanfiction

ilianasmiley ilianasmiley Mar 27, 2016
me:pssst dont trust reineer             
                              me:read the aot manga for once
                              friend:this is flippin souleater!
                              me:no shiet sherlock
                              friend: im done *walks out*
Hattersgirl6478 Hattersgirl6478 Dec 26, 2016
Oooooh time to put those survival skills in play! ;D SNUGGLE WIT CHO BOO THANG NAKEY ;) xD
Aawwww and I wanted to see some cuddling meanie 😝😝😝😝
Hattersgirl6478 Hattersgirl6478 Dec 26, 2016
(Read this in the snobbiest  British voice imaginable please) Ahh yes the smartest idea, send in the teenagers, mm yes, best plan.
muu090 muu090 Jun 05, 2016
Well since this is a Soma, I guess it'll have to take a long time, ya know because they have to share a room in a tiny hut *eyebrow dance of suspicion* this mission might take days and maybe even lonngg longgg nights of *cough* maybe sharing a bed xD
RayRJJackson RayRJJackson Mar 16, 2016
Simone Pianetti? Holy s*it, I expected some classic italian murderer like Donato Bilancia, Gianfranco Stevanin or Leonarda Cianciulli (she used to kill single womans and make soap out of their bodies and sweets out of their blood) but this is actually better 'cause i didn't know about that criminal!