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Kostadina_ts By Kostadina_tst Updated Mar 05, 2017

~Meet Mia a girl who is afraid of her past, insecure of her present and hopeless for the future 

~Meet Jason an attractive and fearless man with authority and dominance 
~Meet Mark a mysterious and handsome man 

 Who are these two men? What do they want from her? Are they a part of her past?

       ~read and learn their secrets,their shadows and their mysterious kind of love~

  • addiction
  • badass
  • billionaire
  • dangerous
  • drama
  • love
  • lovers
  • mine
  • mysterious
  • passion
  • possesive
  • romace
  • secrets
  • womanizer
petite98 petite98 May 13, 2017
I really love this story so much.
                              He is so dominating and has an aura of 
auajsjsk auajsjsk Nov 21, 2017
Someone, send me more books I can read with D/s plz. I am so kinky ;)
cs1as2 cs1as2 Mar 07, 2017
Yes, please continue this story!!!!  But, make the chapters ALOT LONGER (please?)
lilheartjojo lilheartjojo Jul 16, 2015
I love the story line, it's just the grammar and misspelled words that are making me want to stop reading. I'm not trying to hate. I'm just giving a tip.
BarbiThompson9 BarbiThompson9 Jun 24, 2015
Can you please learn how to spell and reread your writing in case you misspelled any words? Because I have read so many misspelled words it's ridiculous. How am I supposed to enjoy a book when half the words are wrong?