d.l ⇨ eric coulter

d.l ⇨ eric coulter

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☹ By wonderfoley Updated Mar 25, 2018

"You know what I see when I look at you, Eric? I see someone broken. I see someone so shattered that they don't even realise when someone is trying to fix them. But most of all, I see someone who is afraid. Afraid to feel whole again. Because the minute they do, everything could fall apart just as easily as it fell into place."


Alexis Pedrad lives in a World divided into five factions:

Amity; for the peaceful
Erudite; for the intelligent
Candor; for the honest
Abnegation; for the selfless
Dauntless; for the brave

Lexi, along with her twin brother Uriah, have been born into the faction of the fearless, the brave, the dangerous.

Alexis is cold hearted, ruthless and reserved towards anyone other than her brother. The pain from her past is just too much for her to let go of.

Until she meets Eric.

They both made promises to never love or trust anyone again. But when they begin to fall, they won't stop until they reach ground zero.

And maybe, just maybe.

It might be worth it.


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