Element Rebirth

Element Rebirth

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Earth is the first planet to have survived a war with Hunters and still have their element crystals intact. Fifty years have passed since the death of the Element Guardians and nobody knows where the crystals are. Though the realm still possesses the chance of new Guardians appearing, things have looked grim for the last fifty years - and as a result, all hope is lost.

Terra turns fifteen within the next five full moons. Like every human left on the planet, she is a slave – the server girl to Hunters from day till night, only allowed a few hours of sleep. Survival was all she focused on, until her grandmother's life is taken by the cruel treatment of the Hunters. Now, Terra wants revenge.

But what can a small girl like Terra do to a whole race of a ruthless alien species? She’s just one human girl, no magic, no nothing, just like three other adolescents who want nothing more than to restore human kind and the mortal realm. They have absolutely no power over the Hunters.


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107Dreamer 107Dreamer May 27, 2017
They will be together once more in heaven and never be separated again
- - Apr 21, 2016
Do I have to read the last book to understand this one????....
MagicalCheeseball MagicalCheeseball Jan 10, 2016
I just saw this and when I read the desc, I found it funny that her name is Terra since Terra is Roman for Gaea, and Gaea is the goddess of the EARTH.
TBDegreef TBDegreef Dec 13, 2015
I really liked the first book, i hope it will be as good! Maybe even better!!
MarisolGarfias12 MarisolGarfias12 Jul 25, 2015
i really liked the element guardian it was adventurous and sad
Wolf_lover11 Wolf_lover11 Jul 01, 2015
Im really excited to start reading this one , its prob gonna be epic like the last one