Art Project [BoyxBoy]

Art Project [BoyxBoy]

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Kris Sullivan is openly gay. In a close-minded small town, everything could go wrong, especially when you're out of the closet. Kris didn't think his life could get any worse until he's forced to do an art project with the arrogant football player, Tyler Case. 

Kris's life takes a U-turn for the best- or for the worst? I mean, was getting butterflies for a homophobic jerk EVER a good sign? 

Everything could go wrong. But more importantly, what could go right?

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Nerve1 Nerve1 Nov 05
So...did he really come out? This just seems like the Tyler guy was embarrassed, made something up, and everyone else came to their own conclusions. Though, obviously, he is gay. That's obvious; if he wasn't there wouldn't be a story.
Nerve1 Nerve1 Nov 05
Seriously? How Tyler was giving Kris a slightly effeminate nickname better than Kris calling Tyler a ' mouth rapist' ? Kids these days. Tut, tut, tut.
dwarfgoblin dwarfgoblin Aug 30
I already like Mr.Henry probably because none of my teachers are like him ;((
kxngrick23 kxngrick23 Oct 31
My principal/teacher Mr Henry is like the best teacher that has ever lived.
speak for yourself, Cabbages will take over the world someday and I'm gonna be the 1st one to kneel b4 them. HAIL TO THE CABBAGE OVERLORDS!!
A lot of my teachers do that... but my English teachers rule is that whatever food we bring we have to share with her.