Mated to the Alpha (Undergoing Editing)

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**Winner of the Undiscovered Gems category in the Watty Awards (2012)
    Brooke is forced away from her family on her eighteenth birthday. She is forced to house in the pack house in hopes to find her mate. And when she does she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Jake is Brooke’s mate and so happens to be the upcoming alpha. He’s hot and sexy but he gets on her nerves unlike any other. As her feelings grow a past threat comes back into her life and plans on ruining everything she’s worked for. Can Brooke and Jake’s love last through it all or will they be torn apart piece to piece?
Can we all just agree that Jensen Ackles is just a life goal? Like right there.
Yup, FictionAddict12 that is what I want.  They confess their love for each other, next day everyone dies.  Such a perfect ending *wipes tear*
@PandaAttack12 pretty much all of the types of books end in happily ever after. I just want to see one have a gruesome ending where everyone dies. XD sorry. km a little crazy.
Okay, so they either live happily ever after or die horrible deaths.  Lovely.
Jensen ackles(Dean) from supernatural he's really cute I watch his show every morning
As you can see by the cast list though, it's JENSEN ACKLES not DEAN WINCHESTER :)