Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed

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Seara Louise By SearaMush Completed

Sugar Bell Takipsilim thought that being married to the hot and young businessman Gregory Homer Saavedra would not be as bad as they thought. Who wouldn't want to be the wife of this handsome man that has a golden spoon in his mouth? She's quite dreamy being his wife, but like what Adam Levine said "all those fairy tales are full of ssshhh". Because in reality, being his wife is more like a nightmare. Cleaning his messy house, dealing with his meanie attitude and dealing with his socialite environment are a lot more pressure. But she would want to deal with it because as the days go by she's starting to fall in love with him and she is hoping that his husband feels the same.

Little did she know, that there's this secret that she would not expect to discover. Now that she's in love with her husband, what will she do? Stay with him but every day you will see him hurting because of you or let him go and leave your heart scattered.

Covercredits: xxbamchuxx

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  • romcom

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