Boy Hunter

Boy Hunter

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"That's what we were supposed to be, but you gave up on us."


Percy and Artemis have been friends since they remember. They made the hunt together, and they depended on each other.

Orion, the hunter that single handedly stole the Silver Maiden's heart. He also made Artemis pick him over her best friend. 

Artemis made the mistake of killing Percy over a man that she just met. But Percy is reborn, and everything would've been a lot easier if he was who he was centuries ago.

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cross13ctr cross13ctr Sep 04, 2017
Still not sure why Canada is here... Ancient Greece. They didn't know anything much outside that world. How is Canada a thing?
IAmGrroot IAmGrroot Jan 28
When there's 5500 more floors than before: Wooooowwww. 😂👌
ChiefEdwin28 ChiefEdwin28 Jul 23, 2017
Is it me or its just the Artemis in the picture is from SMITE?
Pertemis73 Pertemis73 Apr 16, 2017
Plzzz update🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🐳🍪🍪🍪🐳🐳🍪🐳
cross13ctr cross13ctr Sep 04, 2017
Im just wondering why Olympus is in New York already? This is Ancient Greece...where they started, yet its already present day?
Icarus_Vikare Icarus_Vikare Jul 09, 2017
Umm you realize that Phoebe was in the Hunt before Zoë right? It's not a big deal I was just figuring that I should let you know