(Fiolee) Falling for My Best friend

(Fiolee) Falling for My Best friend

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Alexandria Murphy By XxGothicAngelxX Updated May 12, 2015

*Marshall Lee's POV*

I strummed the chords of my guitar, humming a tune I hoped would match the beat and floating over my bed.

"I'm staring up at the ceiling,

Wondering about my feelings


My ears twitched to the sound of a scream erupting from outside and I hissed. I put the axe by my bed side, impatiently floating to my window and stared out to the surroundings of the Night'O'Sphere. The lava oozed into the red skies, tinging the air with its rancid odor. The cloud that belonged to my own mother was hovering around, bringing despair to the whole population, but that still wasn't what caused the distraction.

 I spied a group of demons crowding around a demon lying on the floor, repeatedly kicking him over and over again. Everytime they delivered a kick, the creature would shriek out in protest, hoping someone would come in rescue. 

"Hey!" I yelled. The demons froze in their assault, turning to stare at me with fear the same time time their victim looked at me with hopeful ...

zoxu_8 zoxu_8 May 27
Yk how cute this is?! Like, OH. MY. GOODNESS. Its a flippin 5 year old human making a 1000 year old vampire blush (who btw Who doesn't have any real blood he's not even alive) by calling him by a super embarrassing yet adorable-est nickname EVER.
zoxu_8 zoxu_8 May 27
Hah way to make a baby stop crying. 😐👏 lmao i would do the same probably 😂
holpheartfilia holpheartfilia Jul 29, 2016
Welllll he seems to have forgoten how we human kidos are when we were young XD
averyr_75 averyr_75 Aug 21, 2016
"I call it admiring from afar. Some people call it 'stalking' "-troye sivan
holpheartfilia holpheartfilia Jul 29, 2016
Yeaaaa saving tons of people by hunting down vampires is THE WORST THING EVER
LilyStilinski55 LilyStilinski55 Jul 28, 2016
Awe, marshal called her bunny in the last fiolee fanfic I read