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private lessons

private lessons

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thexwallflower By thexwallflower Completed

Carolina is your typical Asian student who always aces and accelerate on everything, lucky right? But behind her shy and warm smile hides the tired and imprison bird.
After moving to a new town after with her parents she encounters a hot and irresistible possesive alpha?
She experience a world outside her cage, a world that she never thought she would encounter!
A world full of hot, steamy and extremely private lessons from her sexually and possesively frustrated teacher.


OfficialDrPhilMcGraw OfficialDrPhilMcGraw Dec 29, 2016
*looks through comments* HA short fùckers 
                              I'm 5,3 
                              And done growing
nybabii128 nybabii128 a day ago
Ummmmmmmm how about NOO *blows whistle /kick him in his sack
IroshadowGL IroshadowGL Jan 28
Your writing style's great, however don't put multiple rape scenes in one chapter.
Chloe16122003 Chloe16122003 Jun 19, 2016
Well it doesn't hurt you to see her cry when you were raping her last night...
nybabii128 nybabii128 a day ago
I wanna be like. 😑😫😤
                              But im like 😏😍😂
                              Sly. Bastard
TSWIZZLE_101 TSWIZZLE_101 Dec 27, 2016
Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly
                              Lets just say
                              That escalated quickly