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Best Werewolf Stories On Wattpad

Best Werewolf Stories On Wattpad

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You will never know!! ... Unless you guess By MaRtAcHi Updated Jun 15, 2014

Just like with every genre on wattpad, there are good books and not so good books. So one morning when I was incredibly bored I decided to compile all my favourite werewolf stories in hope that they could maybe help those poor lost souls who are wondering around wattpad looking for a good werewolf story to read. 

Let me just state that this is a PERSONAL OPINION. Just because I love these stories does NOT mean that you will like them, nor does it mean that they are actually the best werewolf stories on wattpad. Also, I do not own any of these stories.  

Now that we have that cleared up, go click the 'start reading' below and explore the world of good werewolf stories :)

Feel free to make recommendations!!

                              Grey's tribute
                              Fin's claim 
                              By Rachel @whiskeyqueenn 
                              Brilliant writer
I was wondering if you know the book about the no submissive girl who lives at the edge of a pack and once helped a sick mother with her children and after the mom dies she's chosen to take the kids and the alpha is her mate and she hates him but learns to tolerate him?
Cruziest20 Cruziest20 Apr 01, 2016
If anyone looking for some more great werewolf books I know four really good ones. 1.Alpha Mine 2.One mate and a Rejection 3. I'm sorry who's your mate. 4.Twisting you. Like I swear you'll love them
Tigerrarr Tigerrarr Jun 08, 2016
Hey guys! I'm working on a story it is a werewolf/ fantasy fiction and I really need you guy's feedback! Please take a look at my story and help a reader out! ^_^ Any suggestion or comment would be very appreciated 
I like it when you wrote this, because you are trying to be a good and respectful writer 🤘🏻
FlutterflyAway FlutterflyAway Sep 23, 2016
I just read the firsf bk to Blood Moon Falls... i really liked it. it was different i thought...