Princess of The Dragons (Fairy tail,Nalu fanf.)

Princess of The Dragons (Fairy tail,Nalu fanf.)

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Mysterious By MysteryGirl003 Completed

Lucy gets kicked out of team Natsu and then decides to leave the guild to train.She has been called weak and she wanted to change that.She doesn't know why was she kicked out but she thought it was because of she being weak.

When she leaves the guild to go train, she finds a dragon.Who is the queen of dragons and is the most powerful even more powerful than Igneel the dragon king.

Will lucy become powerful?Will she never return?Or will she die?

ciel_phantomhive89 ciel_phantomhive89 Sep 24, 2016
LolSaltyCobra LolSaltyCobra Mar 29, 2016
This is gonna get so annoying. W I T H P L E A S E S P E L L I T L I K E T H A T.
ciel_phantomhive89 ciel_phantomhive89 Sep 24, 2016
Om gods you guys shouldn't be ragging on the author you guys just sound rude spell mistakes are common no ones perfect plus i say whit sometimes so … STOP SHOOBEEDOBA!!!
EDENROSE22 EDENROSE22 3 days ago
Do you type so fast you don't notice you type whit instead of with?
_Mavis_The_First_ _Mavis_The_First_ Jan 22, 2016
I thought "Auquarias" fit the name of a female dragon.  But the water barrier celestial spirit is already named that.
                              Am I the onlt 1 who thought this?
HollyOverland HollyOverland Oct 17, 2015
Wow, Nice work! Keep It up! P.S. Don't u know how to spell WITH?