Catching The Bad Boy's Eye

Catching The Bad Boy's Eye

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Erin By erinm74 Updated Jan 11

Logan James.

The basic bad boy.

Zoey Bell goes to school one monday morning and Catches Logan's eye. At first Zoey wants nothing to do with him. What will happen with these two? Friendship? Romance?

Yah sure, you just keep going on and ordering girls around like that, im sure it will take you far in life
                              Note the sarcasm
-xoxowes -xoxowes Feb 22, 2016
This is Zoey 101
                              Girl Named Zoey 
                              Guy Named Logan
                              Guy Named Chase
                              Plot twist Zoey suddenly feels for Logan and then they told the author to write it the way she wants it *Gasp* 
                              Lmao kidding but I like how Zoey 101 names are in here
mother_of_larry mother_of_larry May 26, 2016
Haha me talking to my crush. 
                              "But I don't like you like that" - him
                              " Yes you do. Your just in denial. You've already planned our wedding haven't you?" - Me 
                              Do that or Jedi mind trick 😂
mother_of_larry mother_of_larry May 26, 2016
Oooooooo Do u need some Peanut Butter for all that Jellllyyy!!!!!! 😂
miniswancutt miniswancutt Jul 07, 2016
Unless you see me physically open a pad in frount of you don't assumeim in my period.  It tonight while your sleeping I'll assume your dead and hurry you in the back yard. 
TheAstronautDragon TheAstronautDragon Apr 28, 2016
I make it my weekly goal to make it living hell for revenge on ppl