The North Star

The North Star

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Wendy Cole By Wendizzy Updated a day ago

When certain death is only a step away, you don't need a good guy to come in and be the hero. All of that sparkly bullshit they put in fairytales is useless in the real world. 

I knew that. I also knew that, eventually, the Eagles would find me. It was only a matter of when. 

What I needed was a miracle, another day, another hour. A life.

But Instead... I found another fucking man.

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Cross-Warrior Cross-Warrior Aug 19, 2018
Awesome metaphors here.  And I completely forgot it was the cops chasing her 😂 I thought it was the other peeps. It's been so long since I read this for the contest.
Cross-Warrior Cross-Warrior Aug 19, 2018
You're doing a great job of creating urgency in this beginning.
Cross-Warrior Cross-Warrior Aug 19, 2018
I've noticed you have a very wide range of words at your disposal 😂
Cross-Warrior Cross-Warrior Aug 19, 2018
90% sure they're trained to only kill as an absolute last resort.
roosapetra roosapetra Oct 05, 2018
Hah, american pd, they use firepower way too easily. Compared to Finland that fires a gun maybe once every two years.
Cross-Warrior Cross-Warrior Aug 19, 2018
"For the family" already presents a very interesting dynamic that I'm eager to see more of.