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Aine M Shannon By Aine-M-Shannon Completed

☡Mature Content☡

For seventeen years Rena has managed to evade detection. 
Life as lone wolves has not been easy. But for her daughter, she would do anything. Her vow to keep Annalise safe was breakable only in death.
Now the very foundations she had striven to build are threatened. Does she trust the wolves that have abruptly turned their lives upside down? Or does she run to protect all that she has built?
 When they left on their trip, the last thing Colten expected to return with was his nephews mate. Fish, yes. The seventeen year old's wolfs mate, no.
Yet now he sits in the living room of said mate attempting to convince her mother -one very fine female specimen- to come home with them. 
    Something about this female has pushed his protective instincts to the brink. Why would she leave her pack with her cub? Who is she running from? Why does he get the feeling there is more to their story than she is telling him?
    One thing is for sure. She has gotten under his skin and he doesn't intend to let her escape.

!!Sex and violence. Not suitable for younger readers!!

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