it all began it all began

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G By Stu-Pot2017 Completed

How the pink prince fell in love with a bad boy vampire and the troubles of love, jealous girls in rabbit hats and royal responsibilities
[Book 1]

Cute-yet-Crazy Cute-yet-Crazy Jul 06, 2016
When did the Vampire King start drawing. I knew he was into art (singing,) but not this kind...
Mysteryangel2354 Mysteryangel2354 Feb 07, 2016
Wait. If it's 40 degrees outside why is it hot? Hot would be like 80 or 90 degrees. I'm confused
- - Sep 13, 2015
*throws iPad at the wall* OMG OMG I CAN TAKE IT.
                              ITS TO INTENSE!!
Bubblry Bubblry Jun 11, 2015
couldn't he turn invisible? other than that this book is awsome
anakin--skywalker anakin--skywalker Mar 08, 2015
i think i have a slight issue..... i think im hyperventilating
GumLee777 GumLee777 Jul 07, 2014
Awwwww Bubba likes him back :') I like how suspicious he got too, and lmao I laughed so hard when he saw her glaring at the cupboard...I also loveee Marshall's reaction, it was perf, just like you and your story