Diary of a Teenage Time Traveler

Diary of a Teenage Time Traveler

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Pk Hrezo By PkHrezo Updated Feb 05, 2014

Who needs teenage dreaming when you're a time traveler? 
Bianca Butterman's parents run their own time travel agency in the latter half of the 21st century and Bianca's heir to the family biz. Talk about travel perks! Leisurely trips whenever business permits is more than just a rockin' good time. Except, how do you keep all those timelines straight and remember what decade you're visiting when you've got exams to ace, first kisses to barf over, rumors to squash, and prom dresses to design ...  

Updated weekly, Bianca's entries are in journal format via her electronic diary device, similar to the tablets we use today, but in the future they work as projected holograph screens and keyboards. 
Diary of a Teenage Time Traveler, is a Wattpad EXCLUSIVE prequel to 
Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc.,(links on profile page) and follows Bianca's early teen years leading up to her eighteenth birthday and earning her official time-craft pilot's license. 

Feel free to leave comments on what kind of time trips (past or future) you'd like Bianca to take and it may be featured in a new diary entry! Check out where she's been so far ....

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TheDangBesson TheDangBesson Apr 03, 2016
Great story! Love the part where the niggers get slaughtered.
smilechild2 smilechild2 Aug 03, 2015
Please go check out my book, Shadow Trails! I would love more votes and comments on what you all think! :)
thehumanglowstick thehumanglowstick Jun 30, 2014
What's the DOT? Is that like an agency of some sort? Btw I love the story so far
RavenApplewood RavenApplewood Mar 22, 2014
I don't know why but I just can't read diaries. I'll get halfway through and then randomly stop reading for no reason whatsoever. Hopefully this book will be different? :)