Who Has Her Heart? (ON HOLD!)

Who Has Her Heart? (ON HOLD!)

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Katlyn By ozzyfan97 Updated Jul 15, 2011

Kyouhei said some things he wished he didn't when he got into a fight with Sunako. But that doesn't mean she should go around blushing and flirting with some douche foreigner! He doesn't even know why he cares so much about it. There's no way he could actually be in love...... right? Crap!

Morgeade was shocked when he first saw her, dancing in a club whilst hiding in her cloak. But he couldn't help but become entranced by her. Then, he got to know her and it's like she was specifically designed just for him! He's determined to win her.

Join Kyouhei and Sunako's housemates as they watch how all of this plays out. It's going to be a tender, touching story...... YEAH, RIGHT! IT'S GOING TO BE HILARIOUS! SHE'S GOING TO MURDER THEM!

KpoppersUnited KpoppersUnited Jul 10, 2013
I love it!!! Please update ^-^  the book  entertain me so much ...
Twilight_saga2213 Twilight_saga2213 Feb 26, 2011
awsome!!!!!!!!!!! hey do u no where any more stories about the wallflower are??? i cant find any!!!!!!!!!!!