Fire Of The Heart

Fire Of The Heart

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AlexisThompsons By AlexisThompsons Updated Apr 15

What's scarier than waking up in a strange place? Waking up naked.

That was what I woke up to.

A naked body in a strange place.

The naked body being mine.

Opening my eyes, the first thing I notice is how uncomfortable the bed I am on is.

Second, is the searing pain through my head and right arm as I try to get up. Third, the strange environment.

Fourth and most importantly, I was naked.

Stark naked!

"When I love, I love deeply. When I hate, I hate just as deeply."

A person whose love is not crazy does not deserve to say they have loved.

"You taught me to be emotionless yet you say you love me, you taught me not to feel now you ask for my feelings? What love? What happiness? I know them not. You hypocrite why do the rules change when it's your heart at risk? Be gone I have no heart to give."

She grew up free willed and wild. She fell in love fast and hard yet all that was grasped from her by the same people who claimed to love her. 
So hurt, so resentful, so so painful.
Can she love again or is her heart to forever stay frozen?

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