Curiosity (bxb)

Curiosity (bxb)

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Sea Prince By reminiscxent Updated Jun 07

Twenty-two year old nursing student Tobi Knight is thrown in a loop after esteemed fashion mogul Ms. Larissa Bijou stumbles upon him working behind the register of a cafe. Larissa is more than enthralled to discover the devastatingly handsome, adventurous, and ardent-hearted young man during her obligatory coffee break  -- the 'perfect fit', as she describes him, for her newest, most daring photoshoot. She's quick to reach a perfectly manicured hand inside her leather designer bag and hand Tobi a card -- a business card for a nationally established modeling agency, Washington Models.

Unmistakably, it's a job offer.

Taken aback by Ms. Bijou's staggering offer (and ceaseless pleading), Tobi is hesitant. How does a devoted 'murse'-in-training (male nurse) with a knack for physical pursuits qualify as the next face for a fashion spread? Surely Tobi is aware that no amount of medical expertise or athletic endurance will grace him with the necessary aesthetics of fashion and modeling. More important, will he even get along with this 'Toni' De Luca that Ms. Larissa says will be his future partner? Who the hell is this guy anyway? 

And what did Tobi just get himself into? His mind is reeling with curiosity.

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Jimin4eva Jimin4eva Jun 08, 2016
Now that is a best friend true friendship is such a beautiful thing
Fineman2001 Fineman2001 Nov 28, 2016
Me neither, I live in northern England where it's 'always the old way' when it comes to washing up, The last time I saw a dish washer, my family were crowding around it wondering how it works, lol.
_imeanwhat _imeanwhat Mar 11, 2016
Plz make them like Tyler Oakley and troye sivan - pls say you know who they are
You could say Tobi is the Knight to Bellamy's King ayeeee I'll let myself out
insideperson insideperson Jun 10, 2016
Beige trenchcoat. Of course I immediately thought of Ten and then Cas. Just like a normal person.
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