Xavier's possession (Hold)

Xavier's possession (Hold)

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Angelcake By Angelcake_xox Updated Aug 27, 2017

"You're mine kitten i dont care if you agree or not, no one will take you away from me" he growled as he pushed my body up against the wall.

"Whose are you?! Who do you belong to?! and don't make me repeat it." he said with his intense green eyes staring into mine.

"Y..you"i replied.

"That's right" he growled in content as he kissed and sucked on my neck no doubt leaving hickies to mark me.


Vanessa is innocent, loving and kind towards everyone. 
Xavier is the complete opposite. 
He is ruthless, possessive and extremely dangerous.

 If he wants something he gets it and right now he wants Vanessa and nothing can stop him until he makes Vanessa his!

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