The bad boys babysitter

The bad boys babysitter

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For five hundred thousand dollars, would you babysit the bad boy of your school? Even if it meant heart break, lying, and fake dating? Well a 16 year old girl, Roselina took the deal. She wanted to help out her family financially, little did she know what she was getting herself into, and that is love, hate, pain, and more sorrows. Although is it real, or is she just playing with him. You see Roselina has a secret that could kill her if she told anyone, well other than her family. 
            The bad boy Jake is in a little pickle. You see his jerk of a father, payed someone five hundred grand to be Jakes "babysitter". At first Jake didn't mind he thought it would be fun, you know because most girls get flustered around him. Then he started to find himself vulnerable around her, and he thought something was up. That Roselina was hiding something. So he decided to play a little game...

            "So I have to put up with a nerd, for ever?" Jake asks. "No not forever, just until you learn how to behave. Oh wait! I will have to be with you forever, kill me now." I say dramatically.
           "Please don't tell anyone your my "babysitter" maybe we could fake date, you know so it isn't as weird." He says, and I'm a little hurt. 
               " I will agree as long as you do something for me." I say, thinking of something hilarious . "Sure, what do you want?" With that I smile victoriously, and he looks terrified.

First book I ever made so please try to be nice... or not. Oh and my English is horrible so if you find a mistake please tell me, and I'll fix it asap. Thanks!

Editing in process

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