Moments [A Louis Tomlinson/One Direction Love Story]

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Lisa By tropicalxirwin Completed
Louis Tomlinson fell inlove. He knew from the very first second that he saw her, she was the one. He had to get to know her.
    When Aurora first met him, the smile that hasn't been on her face for years, wouldn't whipe of her face. She was inlove; and she knew it.
    When tragedy strikes, will they be able to cope with the pain and regret?
Everybody pls read my book "A Date" it was supposed to be called Dark Angel (A Harry Styles Fanfic) but I messed it up
why... is... the beginning that good??? do you have some superpowers??? that's so sad that i want to cry
Even though I don't know what happened I think I am about to cry
You can turn back time actually,  if your a time lord and have a tardis.
After I finished reading chapter 19 I rearead this and there r so many girls in this story the suspense is HUGE!
im almost crying but idk if i want to read it cuz im pretty sure she dies in the end but now it has intrigued me so i hate u but i dont reallyyy...