Daddy Mendes// S.M.

Daddy Mendes// S.M.

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"I'm gonna be a good dad"
Emily and Shawn have been dating for almost a year but what happens when she gets some very unexpected news? Will the two twenty year olds break under the pressure? Will Shawn be able to balance music and this? And will Em be able to do it on her own when Shawn works? 

Read to find out..


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**** PERSIAN TRANSLATION ON @shamimafsharnaderi

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onlymendes8 onlymendes8 Jun 26
Bro shes like if you dont want it we'll just give it away, no big deal
It's 2018 woman, grow some balls and keep the child even if he doesn't want it
Me with all my siblings even the nice ones so they don’t tell on me.
WDWfanfictions WDWfanfictions 2 days ago
This reminds me of an interview I watched earlier with Why dont we And this movie came up
OMG I CRIED WATCHING MARLEY AND ME. It hit me really hard because my dog died the day before watching it
apenhoofden apenhoofden Sep 09
This happened to my cousin. They married when she was 6 months pregnant. The kid is 1 years old and they decided that they should get a divorce. DONT BE SILLY WRAP YOUR WILLY PPL