Part of a hybrid - Discontinued

Part of a hybrid - Discontinued

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Celestia By XxCelestia18xX Updated May 20

Six children, whose names everyone will soon know. Adam Dahlberg, Cory Crater, Shelby Grace, Ross Crowner, Max Mithzan, Jessica Phoenix. Out of 100 devastatingly young children, these lucky chosen ones are the few that were the strongest. Now they are well trained, and know how to control themselves.
And not just their emotions.
Now they are older, and are wondering how to escape, bringing others with them, but will this remain just a dream?

Hey a big shutout to my friend TheFnafYandere, without her the Fanfiction wouldn't be as nearly as good; if it is bad do not blame FnafYander because I wrote it she just made it better not knowing the future of it she just wrote what was there  


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XxCelestia18xX XxCelestia18xX Mar 15, 2017
I finally got a big story out, sorry it wasn't the one I said I was going to do quite awhile ago but I have been working on this for longer and I'm proud of it. 
                              Please leave some feedback on how to make it better and I will sure to improve in the near future
                              And say thanks to FNAF when you can
                              eventho this book probably already ended
                              does mithross sail?
                              coz im just pulling an all nighter with reading croby storys and hoping mithross sails in them
Bad max, Mad max, Sad max, Glad max, Plad max, Tax max, pax max, 
                              Max max, Glad max, mask max, tad max, 
                              LET IT GOOOOOOOOOO LET ITTTTT GOOOOO
                              COME ON MAC JUST LET IT GO
That something max Will said XD
                              *see Max*
                              Oh no *runs away*
ThisIsMyNameSDWI ThisIsMyNameSDWI Oct 11, 2017
Heh same "I would rob that guy but I'm in the middle of eating right now so.....yeah, try again later."
SilloAnnis SilloAnnis Nov 23, 2017
I’m like that too but, I see my cousin and I feel like chasing him with a knife, but I’m too busy drinking Mountain Dew and reading fanfiction... THAT LITTLE CREAMWEASEL!!