Kiss My Scars [Wattpad Version]

Kiss My Scars [Wattpad Version]

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D.S. Little By DLittleWriter Completed

Tasheena Hinton has secretly survived years of childhood abuse and a tumultuous relationship with her mother. Focused on graduating, going to college, and her first relationship, there is one thing missing in her life and that's not knowing who her father is. She hopes to find him. There's one problem, her mother refuses to tell her who her biological father is. Can an early graduation gift from her younger sister help solve this puzzle for Tasheena so that she can finally begin to heal from the suffering of years of abuse and neglect? 

Terrence Dunn is enjoying his senior year as a star basketball player at his high school. He has an incredible girlfriend and is committed to play basketball at Kansas State University. Everything in his life seems perfect until he learns a dark secret about his best friend and neighbor, Tasheena Hinton. 

Terrence decides to help Tasheena by embarking on a summer road trip after graduation to help her find answers in hopes that it will also help her begin to heal. On this trip, as he learns more about her he finds himself looking at her in a way that he never has before despite that she is already in a relationship with his teammate and friend, Qasim "Q" Matthews.

Tasheena finds herself torn between the two friends.
With everything she has been through will she finally find some peace? Most importantly will she allow anyone to get close enough to kiss her scars?

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