Naked Cuddling (Rewrite)

Naked Cuddling (Rewrite)

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Evelyn Summers By _screamer Updated Sep 08

n a k e d c u d d l i n g 

Picture this. Its 2 AM and you just cannot sleep no matter how hard you try. You toss and turn until you make a very important decision: to pleasure yourself. Its normal, isn't it? Everyone does it and so, you get on with it. There you are, late at night with the blinds up and lights on in your most vulnerable state while everyone is supposedly sleeping. Stupid enough to begin with...but it gets worse, just as you're about to complete, you hear a gasp of surprise, a loud click followed by a flash. 

Yup, your neighbour just got a picture of you working your magic. 

Sounds unlikely, doesn't it? But in the life of seemingly perfect 'girl next door' Abigail Joseph, it doesn't get any more normal than this. Her annoying neighbour, Atticus Beckett, is all for sharing the picture with the world, just to get on her nerves but with Abigail's good girl reputation on the line, she's ready to do whatever it takes to stop him, even if it means agreeing to a pact that might as well change them forever. 

Join Atticus and Abigail through a journey of bitter histories, mutual confusion, just a tinge of friendship and maybe even a spark of love. 

This good girl isn't all good,

And maybe this 'bad boy' can bring out her worst. 

20th February, 2017.

//A bit of innocence and a bit of fun//

May or may not be cliché.

  © _screamer

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Who tf has their blinds open at 2am?? or any time of the day
RR because Wattpad somehow put me back to the beginning even though i havent finished reading yet :3
I'm a re reader. I'm interested in seeing how the supposedly new and improved version of Naked Cuddling turns out. And I'm honestly excited to see some more character development, and possibly even a whole new, yet amazing mood to the book.
re-reader, all the way through. How come the old version isn't at the top anymore? I swear... the newer wattpad just isn't as good as the older one.
Alley_Chris Alley_Chris Aug 27
Never seen a friendlier reminder ever😂😂😂. I love it.
_LennyFace_ _LennyFace_ Sep 06