From Your Tower ➛ OUAT

From Your Tower ➛ OUAT

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{ Once Upon A Time Fanfiction } ❧ Peter Pan + Rapunzel ❧

There are things about Neverland that no one would have ever guessed.

The story begins in 1678 with a girl who was stuck in a tower for sixteen years and a boy who just wanted to give her an adventure.

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MariaBeasley2 MariaBeasley2 Mar 23, 2017
Is this once upon a time Rapunzel/pan or the original Disney
Sure, let's trust a guy who we just met. What could happen??
MariaBeasley2 MariaBeasley2 Mar 23, 2017
The original Peter Pan flew out the nursery when he was only three days old and then when he returned there was another boy in his place and the window was barred, lots of abandonment in the original story
MysticXWonder MysticXWonder May 13, 2016
My reactions when I found out Peter was Rumples father:
                              ?what?,  'no way', EWWWWWWWWWWW, 'they could have picked any character apart from Rumple.
mikesprxmise mikesprxmise May 11, 2016
OK OK I have to say it. so I know rumple and belle are a cute couple and all... but I just still feel weird watching them kiss cause he looks so.... ya know.... old
taesthetic_kookie taesthetic_kookie Dec 29, 2015
Just a question
                              Has anyone actually gone up to their window and said, "I believe"