Pepper has an Adventure- A Children's Story

Pepper has an Adventure- A Children's Story

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Okay, this may seem very brief, but it's a kids' book; just imagine it with pictures in a bigger size. I would have made it longer, but it was a school project.


There once was a country called Quadrolopolopolis, which was ruled by two beautiful princesses.

The oldest princess, Pepper, had short black hair, and didn't like being a princess. She would rather sword fight and study than drink tea and sew. The second princess was Pepper's younger sister, Candy. Everyone in Quadrolopolopolis loved Candy, who was kind and gentle.

Candy and Pepper were talking in a lovely apple grove. SUDDENLY, a large, terrifying black dragon flew above them and into the grove! He showed his many sharp teeth and announced in a booming voice,


Pepper didn't take him seriously and continued to read her book, but Candy was frightened to tears. Death-Claw grasped Candy in his claw and flew away, for the sake of doom-bringing. Pepper, who expected this, reported the...

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