She's a Living Dead

She's a Living Dead

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Metria Sol By AdetteBlume Completed

Kevin Li is one of the top students of Falerio International University--an institution that train students to become a special agent. 
He is one of the member of Wolf88, a group of top 12 students of FIU. 
During his last year in the university, he and his group mates are given a case to solved as their final mission. And that case happened fifteen years ago and still unsolved.
Along with their investigation they'd met a mysterious girl who seems to be a living dead. She is pale as white and cold as ice. She barely talks and no emotions showed.
They have a feeling that this girl knows the truth behind the Falerio's mansion massacre. 
But will the mysterious girl help them find the truth? Or she's the one that will stop them?

A story about the unconditional love, hatred, and revenge.
Now, are you ready to experience the life of a living dead?

-Adette Blume

(NOTE: All of the pictures you'll see in this story are not mine. If yours, thank you for your wonderful picture and tell me about it so I can give credits.)

HowAmIBaby HowAmIBaby Jun 07, 2014
Papaka ChaeRis o ano man ang tawag sa otp ni Kris at CL dito. Wahahahaha. XD Ang kulit nung part na dinumog. Hahahahah! XD