Defending Parker

Defending Parker

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"They say that there's two sides to every story, but which one do you believe?"

As the daughter of a lawyer, Jillian Thomas has always been one to stay on the right side of the tracks. She's a track and field star, a whiz in the classroom, and she's never gotten in trouble in her life. However, when Jillian's father gets a new job, she is forced to move to a town that is still mourning over a tragedy.

When she has a run in with Parker Collins, and slowly begins to unravel the truth behind his tragedy, she's sees what everybody else refuses to; he's innocent.

Will she be able to help him change his fate and prove to everyone that he's not to blame, or will she watch as he gets sent behind bars for a crime he didn't commit?

I have three scars (one from tripping over a brick, another from scratching myself against a barbed wire fence, and another from scratching myself once again against a wooden dresser)
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When I was like 5 I tried to open a tin of pineapple but I cut my face with the edge of the lid and it's still there but you can't really notice it
                              Can you look my book,i started yesterday.. :)♥♥
I have a scar from when I was 8months old and I was learning to walk and I fell while I was running to my ma and cut it on a mount dew can and its still my fav drink😂😂😂
 #ftr I saw someone comment about this book and I love your other books so I wanted to read this one so let's go!
One time a three year old shoved her nails into my arm 
                              I still have the scars