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My Master, My Lord, My Lover (Complete) (Black Butler Fanfic)

My Master, My Lord, My Lover (Complete) (Black Butler Fanfic)

689K Reads 27.1K Votes 63 Part Story
Gothic_Vampire_Queen By Gothic_Vampire_Queen Completed

Sum:Vivian Nightingale was abandon as a child by her parents and had lived alone on the streets for seven years. She is found by her highness' Gaurd Dog, Sir Ciel Phantomhive who wishes to have her as a maid. But will Love soon bloom for them both? (Black Butler Fanfiction)

puppy331 puppy331 Mar 12
Was anhone like "ok ill see how long. GOD MOTHERF**KER WHO TAKES THE TIME TO MAKE 63 CHAPTERS!!!"
ashekyl23 ashekyl23 Apr 20
Wtf?! What am i doing with my life?! Im so old to be reading this
The only issue is that I like dancing (even though I can't lol) and I love storms.
etphhome etphhome 5 days ago
Red, blue, black,gray,white, purple are my most favorite colors
120Lydia-chan021 120Lydia-chan021 Nov 16, 2016
                              *thinks hard*
                              Because she has white hair I concluded the speacies of creature is....
                              A demon...
                              XD what is my life idk
bassystoy bassystoy Feb 04
I burn everything, I dont play these instruments, Im a slob, helping is to much work, and I do read but it takes my whole life, (not complaining tho)