Blind Love

Blind Love

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Sandejas Siblings Second Installment:


"Because it's not about the eyes that can see, it's about the heart that feels and that's what matters."

It was months ago when Fleureah Kaia Aceso first saw the man who captured her attention. He was tall, lean and handsome. He screams elegance and wealth. His pointed nose, clenched jaw, thin lips and those sinfully beautiful blue eyes who's stare is like a magnet who drags her down to the deepest abyss of eternity is what captures her attention. Then, he came back, still handsome as ever but without the same sight before.
How can she stop liking this man when every time she sees him, she'll fall for him over and over again like the first time she laid her eyes at him? How can she stop herself from nurturing her feelings now that she was given a task for him?

Will the eyes really won't matter if you love someone? Will the heart will be able to find the love that the eyes couldn't even see?

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