PUBLISHING | One Cold Night - A Tale of Lost Love (1# Shadow Crawlers) ✔

PUBLISHING | One Cold Night - A Tale of Lost Love (1# Shadow Crawlers) ✔

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💖 Catherine Edward 💖 By Catherine_Edward Completed

    Highest rank #34 in werewolf as on 19th May 2017|| BOOK ONE IN SHADOW CRAWLERS SERIES || Self-edited.|| ⚠ Contains Explicit Sexual Content and Violence. ⚠
          🔹Winner of THE BOOK MASTERS AWARD 2017/Best in Werewolf (1st place) ||  Dream Catcher's Award (2nd Place) || The Q&K Awards (3rd place)

Sienna Harlow and Asher Vaughan were so much in love until one-night fate ripped her away from him... Asher vows revenge for her murder and becomes an active member of the Shadow Crawlers association, the supernatural owned agency which deals with supernatural crimes.

Five years later, the Shadow Crawlers is investigating a case of mass abduction, fifteen teens, all virgins, abducted from their home in less than two weeks and a supernatural is behind the crimes. The evidence leads to the vampire who is connected to several cold-blood murders, including that of Sienna.
          Read this dark story of love, passion, and revenge.
          Developmental Editor - Brett Hicks
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jeansann jeansann Aug 25
Bro I say dont hold back. Let it out to the world, if people can't handle it (which is fine) the just should skip it. Unless you don't actually want to write graphic content which is cool too. Basically make sure you're doing what you want to write
Like the steamy beginning with the twist of intrigue. You state that this will be a dark story. I am fascinated to see what will happen next.
vop11mayo vop11mayo May 22
this is a good story even if i'm only in the start! more people should read this!
Came here after I finished your Lycan Blood Queen and got to say that I'm loving it
Hello, I am from the Unicorn Awards and I was just reading your summary and thought that it would be an interesting book to enter into our contest. Your thoughts? Have a nice day or night!😘🦄
Hi! I really loved d description and I can't wait to read ur story. When will u post d first chapter?