From Another World (Sciles)

From Another World (Sciles)

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Stiles Stilinski has been in Beacon Hills since he moved there suddenly when he was five. His parents were hiding him from people that wanted to whip out his family.
Stiles has a secret that he had to keep from his friends from fear of rejections. But once feeling start to develope between him and his best friend, Scott McCall, he doesn't know how much longer he can keep his secret. 

New enemies come to Beacon Hills and new allies come along with it. What will happen when Stiles and his new allies are the only ones that can stop an evil siren spirit from killing off all of humanity. 
(I know it doesn't sound like a good story because of how sucky this summery is, but if you could look past that and just give it a try, I'd appreciate it.) 

I do not own Teen Wolf, it's characters, or Beacon Hills, but I do own the plot line and the characters I have added to the story.

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lickuid lickuid Jul 28, 2017
Scott chuckling or giggling at Stiles' statements are adorable as hell <3
aripllslays4ever aripllslays4ever Jul 19, 2017
Am I the only one that thought "Merman" as soon as he said that?
Jikook_foreva Jikook_foreva Aug 22, 2017
😂😂 But can we just take a moment and appreciate the coach. He is funny as hell. 😂💀❤
wnderinghearts wnderinghearts Mar 31, 2017
I hated this part of the season😭😭❤ but let's not dent that dark stiles was hot hoho🙊
wnderinghearts wnderinghearts Mar 31, 2017
lucas_tw lucas_tw Oct 15, 2017
That's why you should've never started running in the damn woods😒😂😂