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Kingdom of battles

Kingdom of battles

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a child that's really tall By sunshower- Completed

On the 18th of January in year 2149 the NOA Company released the VRMMORPG Kingdom of battles. It was supposed to be a sensation, something that the world has never seen before and that was why people all over Japan wanted to get it. 

Natsumi Miketsukami was always an unusual girl, with really bad luck. She was never interested in normal things, she was always obsessed with video games and it was like she didn't even live a life away from her computer. And an awesome gamer like her just couldn't stay without the Kingdom of battles, the most amazing video game that was ever created. It was different from the usual video games, where the players just pressed different buttons on their keyboards. In the Kingdom of battles, a world full of weapons, magic and fights, the players actually lived the game and were able to rely only on their abilities.
Natsumi was amazed when she entered the Kingdom of battles for the first time. She was interested in the completely new virtual world that was ahead of her, just waiting to be discovered. But she had no idea that something was going to come between that and start a life changing adventure.

[this isn't edited and there'll probably be some words spelled wrong, since I don't have perfect grammar]

valindro valindro 3 days ago
Who in their right mind doesnt save every level...calm down....its just anime logic
I've called a girl teacher dad... and accidentally said "bye, love you" to a friend of mine that was a girl
pirizarry pirizarry 4 days ago
Jerk much? Girls game too.. and program... and got to space... and do everything a man can do.
valindro valindro 3 days ago
The important thing is totally the fact he assumed her gender...hahaha i dont know where that saying came from but i find no end of hilarity from it
valindro valindro 3 days ago
When i read he wrote ecchi i shivered a bit not sure why..... Oh yea bad memories.🐱
valindro valindro 3 days ago
Hah my last comment predicted her ineptitude... I also predict him being in the story later because hes her first rival in the story