Follow the Sun (Naruto fan-fiction)

Follow the Sun (Naruto fan-fiction)

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sorathanne By sorathanne Updated Aug 11

Years of peace finally achieved after the Fourth Great Shinobi War. 

But once again, our Hero was dragged into times of war when a certain snake betrayed them.

Naruto, Sasuke and Shikamaru almost lose faith when all is lost.

But what happens when they have a second chance to return and make a difference?


My own version of Naruto fan-fiction, inspired by many~~~

I do not own Naruto or any of the plot. 
Everything belongs to its respective owners.
Naruto and all its characters belongs to Masashi Kishimoto-san!

Warnings: Broken grammars and whatnot. But enjoy the story anyways.

  • canonpairings
  • fluffs
  • naruto
  • sasuke
  • seventhhokage
  • shikamaru
  • timetravel
MoonsFallenAngel MoonsFallenAngel Dec 02, 2017
See i look at this two ways
                              1. Kura and naru get together to make a beautiful yoai babys
                              2. Kura is being a really sweet and adorable baby fox and loves naru like his family.............
                              Im so conflicted
JudithPajatinIrlande JudithPajatinIrlande Nov 05, 2017
Noooo Himawari!!!! 
                              The sweet little child didn't do anything who the eff killed her?! 
                              I'll make his death slow and much much more painful then revived him again and make him drink poison and burn his skin and also skin him alive
ImSoGayImSoFuckinGay ImSoGayImSoFuckinGay Apr 19, 2017
Me: Have a threesome.
                              Sasuke: Bruh how did you even get here and bruh, we're all guys including you.
                              Me: I know. *grabs popcorn*
                              Sasuke: Fair enough.
ImSoGayImSoFuckinGay ImSoGayImSoFuckinGay Apr 19, 2017
SarcasticKitsune SarcasticKitsune May 02, 2017
why would he love Minato? Wasn't Kushina his previous jailer?
MoonsFallenAngel MoonsFallenAngel Dec 02, 2017
But of course kura-chan only mentions that AFTER everyone dies cause you know plot