Finding Melody in the Riddle (Dramione)

Finding Melody in the Riddle (Dramione)

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Ingrid By HowlingInScarlet Updated Jul 29, 2017

Melody was kidnapped by the order when she was eight, her memory locked away. Most of the slytherin house knew of Melody and Draco is the one who takes the loss the heaviest, but hope sparks when he gets to know she might be alive. But what will he say when he realised that his love have been under his nose all the time, as Hermione Granger. 

Though something is up and Draco has to figure out which world is real, which person who has the key and knows the melody to his heart; a life with Melody Riddle or Hermione Granger ? 

(Disclaimer: All the rights, the Harry Potter characters and the Harry Potter universe belongs to J.K Rowling, this is a fanfiction and thus only the plot of this fanfiction is mine )

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Person: hey Mel what spells do you know
                              Mel: crusio 
                              Person: your 8 why do you know crusio of all spells
                              Mel: do you know who my dad is? Why do you think?
lovingcorbyn- lovingcorbyn- Mar 18, 2017
babyprincess_59 babyprincess_59 Apr 17, 2017
I can't figure out whether he's being a good father or being a jack ash. He tells Draco to be strong and then he's like "Am I clear?"
- - Jan 21, 2017
I thought that I would never see the day Voldemort has a nose