REFLECTION (CAMREN after 6 years of being apart. Lauren and Camila)

REFLECTION (CAMREN after 6 years of being apart. Lauren and Camila)

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"She looked beautiful as ever, with her dark brown eyes locking with Lauren's narrowed green eyes. Seconds felt like hours as Lauren found herself unable to turn away from Camila's gaze. The arena seemed quiet in that moment."

It's been 6 years since Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello had last seen each other. What happens when Lauren can no longer avoid Camila and she sees the brown eyed girl who's always had her heart after 6 years. CAMREN.

**Disclaimer: Any songs/lyrics referenced/used & multimedia used in this book are NOT mine**

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someonehelp someonehelp May 31
I hope we don't have to wait six years for another camren interaction irl
JadesAbs404 JadesAbs404 Sep 05
Amber who??? Amber. Idk her. Whoever she is she needs to gtfo
Xx_Zayla_xX Xx_Zayla_xX Jul 06
When i get my hands on Amber the police are gonna send out a Amber alert 😂😂
someonehelp someonehelp May 31
Amber I'm sure you're a wonderful woman but you need to gtfo
katee_002 katee_002 Mar 05
Mother effing Drake ❤️😭 Marvin's room is so goooooooooooooood